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Guild Message of the Day - March 19th
Now that guild repairs are open, plz feel free to donate gold into the bank as well :

HTX News

By: Evellex - May 13th

World of Logs

Hey guys with our half pug group last night and half guild run last night we had a little bit of success. I just started up a World of Logs for the guild. This is a pretty cool thing that allows you to go back and look at your performance and the performance of every other member of the guild. I like the idea of doing these so people can possible see where they can improve or if you notice some where others are messing up you can POLITELY help them out. Ya'll should definitely check it out.

FYI it's under htx on ravencrest!

  • Usagija: Nice, I like how in depth it all is. And I notice how you dominated all the boards. Very aspirational!
  • Evellex: Lol! I try.
By: Bdt - April 13th

Raid Changes


  We will start raiding at 7:30p Central server time as oppose to previous time of 8p. Also, we will extend the raid lockout into the following week(Tues./Thurs). Basically this is being done to get more attempts at the boss(s). I realize that people can still use gear off the first boss therefore we will restart after the second week. I want to encourage people to be on time and communicate if you can't either through a in-game mail, text, or website. Another thing is we are missing opportunities on Bardin Hold runs as a guild. This is a good source of Valor points, practice raid awareness, and the potential to get some tier gear along with PvP gear if that's something you are interested in. We need to figured out a good time to get one run in a week. Stay tuned.


  In other news, the "Fishing Contest" seems to be at it's end. There's been little interest shown as far as the contest itself. The guild, however, has been working hard on getting the fish for the guild achievement which has paid off. Also, the "Old School Achievement" runs have been almost non-existent. These ideas were to encourage something different and fun to break the raid/heroic grind that can lead to burn out. For it to work, people have to show an interest and have an open mind. Again this depends on the person and is by no means a requirement. It can give you something to do besides logging on Tuesdays and Thursdays or getting on for dailies.


  One last note, I want to thank you each of you for making this guild a fun guild to be a part of. Thank you for your hard work and faithfulness to HTX. It's because of those two factors that HTX is a cool guild to be in.


Your LNIC(Lead Noob in Charge)

By: Usagija - March 27th

HTX Fishing Bonanza!

Here's your chance to help the guild out AND make some gold at the same time! As you know, the guild must fish 10,000 fish in order to receive the Seafood Magnifique Feast via the That's A Lot of Bait! achievement and we can't do it without your help! We are about 4,200 fish from reaching our goal, which will enable us to cook the highest buff feast that benefits everyone. All participation is voluntary and you'll realize just how much fun fishing is, you won't want to stop! Please help so we can progress and make the guild an even better place for everybody.


- 5 stacks of fish = 1 ticket OR 100g = 1 ticket. Full 20 fish stacks for a total of 100 fish. Max amount of tickets is 5 per week.

- Must be a fish, fished from a pool. No open water or attached fish (i.e. Deepsea Sagefish, Lavascale Catfish, Murglesnout, Pygmy Suckerfish, Longjaw Mud Snapper, Brilliant Smallfish, etc.)

- Must be raw fish mat, no cooked fish allowed.

- Any skill level or fish (other than noted above) is acceptable, though Cata fish HIGHLY preferable. We could be simultaneously fishing up the mats for the feast! (Highland Guppy, Fathom Eel)


- Lottery number will be announced every Tuesday before raid. 7:30pm server

- Everything will be documented, including fish tally. Please DO NOT buy fish nor use fish you have been keeping. The point is to raise the fishing tally for the feast to benefit the guild!

- Please contact either Usagija or Bebebluz via in-game mail or whisper for all transactions.

- You will choose a number from 1-100 if not already chosen for each ticket you purchase. Please refer to forum post to see if a number has already been taken.

- An officer will roll a number before raid time, and a winner will be selected if they have the same number. If not the winnings will rollover for the following week, and tickets purchased will be reset.

Lure Master Tackle Box

Happy Fishing!

- Usagija & Bebebluz

  • Usagija: Also please visit for all your fishing guidance needs!
  • Usagija: Lottery will start 3/29 and drawing called 04/05
By: Bdt - March 25th

Olde School Raiding and Guild Achievements

There has been some desire by more than a few people to return or experience some of the older raid content. There's many reasons to participate whether it's to see content that was passed up or add to the list of guild achievements which will benefit the guild as a whole as we unlock more guild perks. The person who will lead the way is Telithein. He will set up the calandar events and send out the invites. Examples of some the events are Naxx, Ulduar, and ICC. That means we get to revisit K.T., Yogg Saron, and settle the score with Lich King! Once again this is just some examples. If you are interested, you should keep an eye out for the events on your calandar or whisper Telithein about an invite. It would be nice to see some good turnouts from the guild due to pugs being inconsistant and plus it would be fun to hang with people from the guild.

Thank you Telithein for being willing to handle it and to you for being a kickass guild to be a part of. Can't wait to see you there next to a dead(as in never coming back) Lich King kill. Htx ftw!!!!

By: Bdt - March 22nd

4.1 Patch Notes on the way

Be sure to check this out.

Obviously, the notes are evolving so be sure to check it out periodically.

  • Usagija: "We have added two new custom guild tabards as Guild Rewards. The tabards are account bound and offer a bonus to gaining guild reputation." FINALLY!
  • Bdt: Cool! Thank you, Usagija
By: Telithein - March 22nd is down

As of around 7:30 p.m. 3/22/11 server time

  • Bdt: Thank you Blizz for the reach around... buy me dinner first next time.
By: Bdt - March 22nd

Another person who will need alcohol and other info...

Baretta has excepted the position for Raid leader. He has demonstrated the ability to direct traffic during the raid and is very knowledgeable. He and Evellex with work in conjunction(Evellex wanted to still be loot master... control freak..) with the raids. Hopefully we will expand to two separate raids so more people can get involved.


   In other news, we are doing some spring cleaning in the guild bank. Usagija and Darris are working on getting the bank a little more organized. Right now, we have a LOT of stuff in there that's not moving. I encourage you to get what you can USE(not sell!). The plan is to have a tab with limited access but, will have the BOE epics or other rare gear that can greatly benefit guildies such as the Bastion of Twilight trash drops. Thank you Usagija and Darris.


   One last thing, we have started recruiting through the website. Currently only officers can invite. According to this site we are listed at 92 members and WoWarmory list more. Most are alts. In reality we usually have 20-25 members who consistently log on during the week and that's probably being a little optimistic. I want to avoid having like 5 alts. and people who join the guild only to be on twice in a year. The apps. for the guild will designate whether people who are wanting to join are serious about raiding or for casual gaming, which is fine too. Thank you to Keiadon and Bebebluz for your hard work with website and Toefang for some much needed guidance.


    The idea for all these changes are to improve Htx for it's guildies, even if it's on a small scale. Once again, thank you for your support and for being a kickass guild to be a part of.

  • Sohated: Congrats
By: Bdt - March 15th

...and we're moving on up!

Hello people! I just wanted to say thank you to Toefang and Leluminai for their confidence and trust they have place on me. Thank yu guild for support.  I hope I don't let you two down. Moving on with the "passing the responsibility torch." Let me announce and ask you to welcome our new officers, Keiadon, Bebebluz, and Darris! I have great confidence in these people in their ability to better the guild and hope they have plenty of alcohol. They're going to need it. Feel free to ask them questions or bring your issues to them as well as myself. This is the beginning. I plan on announcing some more officers down the road. This way Htx will benefit from having multiple people who can provide good service for the guild. There will be a new way in which we recruit, invite, and except people into the guild. This way Htx will have an idea of what to expect from it's members and visa versa. A thing or two to think about as a guild is do we want to continue being in the middle of hardcore and laid back or do we need to decide on one. Also to consider is how a member(s) can benefit the guild in raiding. It's no secret that we are dps heavy so until we can get enough people to run two groups for raiding, we may need move some people around. Just some things to ponder. Your feedback is welcome. Once again thanx to Toe and Lelu and all who have stayed loyal to Htx.

  • Bdt: I would like to add Evellex and Usagija to the officer list. Just some great addition to the leadership to an awesome guild. Once again, thank you all for the support.
By: Toefang - February 4th

HTX Magmaw Kill

  • Raisinghell: good job peeps
By: Punt - January 6th

Patch 4.0.6 On PTR

Patch Notes are here:

The changes look to be mostly oriented toward PVP QQ rather than PVE. Feral Kittehs probably took it the worst of any. 

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